Brace a Carabao :)
Master the Zipline
Do engineering in the sand box
Camping Kill countless marshmellows in a Campfire Relaxing in the Hammock Guided Plant Encounter Meditate on the summit


These are the activities that our overnight guests can avail of. Please note that we are not open to day-visitors anymore, things got just too busy and our aim is to be the opposite :)


Our main outdoor attraction is our very own dual Zipline, that is designed to match the latest safety standards. We tested each line with two adult men, which means it is strong enough to carry at least a load of 4 men. While it is only 60 meters long, it crosses a thrilling ravine and our fish ponds at about 10mapl (meters above pond level :) ) in a very picturesque jungle setting. Our zipline is P1000/hour, BUT you can ride as often with as many people as you like. Please understand that we don't offer single rides, as we need to prepare the place and workers - think wholesale :) The price includes the rental of the Petzl trolley, Petzl lanyard, Petzl harness and the helmet.

Volleyball, Badminton and the like...

We have volleyball and badminton gear available. In the cool mountain air you will enjoy doing these sports much more than usual. We also have perfect trails for jogging and hiking around our farm.


If you take our suite or studio room, you can see the following from the convenience of your porch while resting in a comfortable deck chair: Philippine Serpent Eagle, Grey-Faced Buzzard, Brahminy Kite, Besra, Crested Goshawk (see on the right, while resting at our suite porch after a crash-landing :) ), Zebra Dove, Spotted Dove, Philippine Coucal, Philippine Scops Owl, Grass Owl, Great Eared Nightjar, Glossy Swiftlet, White Collared Kingfisher, White Throated Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher, Barn Swallow, Pacific Swallow, White-Breasted Woodswallow, Pied Triller, Yellow-Vented Bulbul, Philippine Leaf Warbler, Asian Glossy Starling, Grey Streaked Fly Catcher, Pied Fantail, Brown Shrike, Olive-Backed Sunbird, Everetts White-Eye, Tree Sparrow, Chestnut Munia, Black-Naped Monarch, Coppersmith Barbet, Large-Billed Crow, Northern Shoveler, Philippine Duck, White-breasted Waterhen, Little Egret, Javan Pond Heron, Red Keeled Flower Pecker, Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker, Orange-tufted Spiderhunter, Grey Wagtail and most likely a few more.
You can also do a day or overnight trip to Kitanglad National Park, a world known bird-watching destination with 200+ recorded bird species, where you can also find Philippine Frogmouth, Mindanao Hornbills and other large birds, the Philippine Eagle not to forget. More info on the park at the Birdlife website


We also had a guest specialized in butterflies staying with us. And guess in what area he found the most impressive giant species (Birdwing, Troides rhadamanthus)? Right here behind our farm. Also the other species that he saw in the nature reservates around Malaybalay were found there.


Watch Tower 1
If you want to venture further, we have several trails leading to a small mountain range covered with forests behind our farm. Very popular is the 6 km hike to Tower 1 that is on top of a 1030m mountain overlooking much of Bukidnon (see photo on the right). On the way back you can jump into a swimming pool along the trail! A nice illustrated blog about the activity is here

Canayan Swimming pool
A different hike from our farm is without any climb and brings you to the well maintained public swimming pool of Malaybalay that is situated in very scenic forest location (free, open on Saturday and Sunday only). From here it is just 2km to a great restaurant and access to public transportation.

While Bukidnon is a province without any coastline, that doesn't mean that you have to stay dry. You can head to the CEDAR project in nearby Impalutao, where you can find 3 impressive waterfalls that are just a few hundred meters away from each other. All in a massive forest setting, including a spring fed natural swimming pool.

Twin Falls
People who enjoy leaving the beaten track might want to jump on a public motorcycle and drive up into a small mountain village visiting a friend of ours. He will then bring you to a hidden twin waterfall that you won't find advertised yet. Underneath you can take a very very cold swim, which you will also need, as it requires some serious river bed trekking to get there. It's not really far, but quite difficult to negotiate the slippery boulders. Even if you don't do the trek, the motorcycle trip and view is fun enough!

Mt. Capistrano
A small 746m mountain just about 20 km from our farm. If you are fit the climb can only take 1 hour to the summit. It is very steep, there is even a stairway. Not dangerous steep, but you might want to add some time for breathing (recommended :-) ). The summit area has very photogenic rock formations. It can get busy on weekends and holidays.

Mt. Dulang Dulang (2930m)
Malaybalay is a known jump-off point for climbing the 2nd highest mountain of the country Mt. Dulang-Dulang (2930m) of the Kitanglad Range, higher than Mt. Pulag in Luzon, which is still believed to be the 2nd highest mountain by some sources. We can help you where to get your permit and connect you to guides and porters. While there are people who climb this mountain up and down in one day, you might want to bring or rent a tent and sleepingbag (we have) and stay one night at the summit.

GPS assisted hiking
Do you own one of those fancy cellphones with GPS receiver or even a dedicated unit? We will provide you with a map, coordinates and get you into GPS assisted hiking. This way you will always know how far you still have to go and be assured being on the right path - plus it keeps playful adults very entertained! If you are into Geocaching, you will also find your treasure nearby :)

Horse riding

If you are into horse riding, or even if not yet, Malaybalay is the place to be! For beginners and kids you can have peaceful horses led by an expert cowboy and just do some careful circles and find out if you can become friends with the animal below you :) The horse riding place is a very stylish ranch that serves great meals, too. For a more forrested setting, but without the food, you can head to the pines view park, where there are also horses for rent.

City Tour

Always popular is the Malaybalay City tour. Ok, it is a small city, but the Pines View Park -also known as the Kaamulan grounds- is huge and filled with majestic pine trees. People gather here for picnic, playing soccer, frisbee, practicing dances or just hanging out. Due to the size you can have a bit of privacy - quite different from other parks in the Philippines, where you can be pestered by overly active vendors. Now combine that with relaxing temperatures and you won't want to leave. After the park you can visit the Monastry of Transfiguration in San Jose, just a few kms away. Their two churches have an incredible artistic pyramid design, with a giant lava rock serving as the altar. People from all over the country come to see it. The monks are selling organic coffee and peanut brittle. Further down the road in Bangkud, you might want to visit Matinao and Nasuli Springs - Even if you don't want to swim, they are in very scenic setting and offer snacks and drinks nearby. If it is raining in the afternoon you can seek refuge in the Gaisano mall.


Many of the multicabs passing through our village go to Casisang (about P10) and can drop you right at the Malaybalay Waterpool. A nice, modern pool with bahay kubo and session hall open every day.

If you like bigger swimmingpools, slides and all kinds of water action, take a 90 min ride to Maramag, where there are 4 (!) exciting heavily competing water spring resorts. Namely RR Resort, Ed li Mar, MGM and Waig crystal spring, the latter featuring even a cable car.

Mega Zipline, Zorb and Rock Climbing

Need even more thrill? How about one of the longest ZIP lines in Southeast Asia? You will find it in Dahilayan near Camp Philips. It is 830m long and they will let you fly like Superman into the valley. Further they let you roll down a hill in a Zorb ball, offer Bungee fun and have more toys to torture you :-) While you are there you should drop by Del Monte, have a look at their pineapple plantations, visit the clubhouse and try their famous steak that's supposedly the best nationwide.

White Water Rafting

Cagayan de Oro is the hotspot in the country for white water rafting. With a jeepney and the boat on the roof you will be brought to the upper Cagayan river, depending on your degree of adventure wanted to a more or less difficult section of the river. Experience then running through 14 or 24 rapids, but also enjoy quiet and scenic moments in between, while taking a swim in the river or trying a scary jump from a high cliff. As Cagayan de Oro is only 2 hours from our farm, it can be done as a daytrip or implemented in your arrival route.
The rafting trips start every day at 7:30am and 12:30, takes 3 or 4 hours and costs between P700-1000 per head (as of year 2011) including gear rental, boatmen and transportation from/to Cagayan de Oro. The boat has a capacity of six seats, which all need to be paid for - you might be able to share the boat with others or not...


If you are coming from Manila, most naturally you would book a flight to Cagayan de Oro. Our suggestion is to fly to Cagayan de Oro, but return from Davao City. This way you can explore both cities and get to know Bukidnon Province along its full range - the highway trip being spectacular. In Davao you might want to visit the Crocodile Park, Malagos Gardens, the Philippine Eagle Conservation Center and check out the beaches and resorts of Samal Island.


Speaking of food, that's the other premium activity in Malaybalay to do. Prices are low, while there are some incredibly good restaurants and cozy coffee shops around. Given our temperatures many eating places offer nice garden settings. As our farm is not far from the city you can reach these restaurants easily, even if you don't bring a car. Our free activity map will point you to our favorite locations. If you just want to stay home in the Pitcher Plant Farm, you can bring and prepare your own dishes, as some of our rooms have kitchen appliances. Several restaurants in Malaybalay also deliver food straight to your room, which is fine with us, telephone numbers are provided in the room.

Rainy day activities

Now what to do, when it is raining in our nature paradise? Of course our roofed porchs allow watching the rain, witnessing the moving clouds, or sometimes even experiencing dense fog.
If you get cold, then it's time to give our outdoor Kawa Hot tubs a try, which is an unforgetable experience. These are traditional Woks that have been used to prepare large amounts of food for village fiestas. We altered the rules a little to boil our guests instead, to give them also a chance to snap some cannibal-style photographic images of the action. We will charge P500 for both Kawa for the first three hours, which includes the firewood and some rose petals for the water. For the perfect ambience - our starry sky, cicades, fireflies and bats will take care of that - we recommend doing the hot tub session in the evening with cold drinks, candles and such. Keep in mind though that our staff works only up to 4 pm, so you should notify us way ahead in time so water and wood can be prepared for you.
If it is still raining, you can retreat to the guest house (if you are booked in :) ) and try some HD Movies, we even have some rare European movies and such.