Our Furniture...

When investigating the local furniture stores, we always ended up returning either A) without any furniture, or B) regretting what we just had bought. Often the quality is too low, due to plyboard used in a tropical climate, nails instead of wood screws in statically important places, or lousy wood that blows away to dust in a few months. Furthermore the furniture doesn't seem to be suited for large people, making them sit uncomfortably, not to mention that it can't stand their weight.

Having lots of trees on our and our neighbors farm, we decided to get serious with furniture design and do it properly. The resulting products solved all our issues with furniture and look a lot better and very unique, too.

All furniture displayed here is produced from our very local trees, nothing taken from the forests, while we make sure that at least equally many trees are regrown. The species are mostly Mahogany, Pine, Eucalyptus, Mangium, Gemelina and Marang. They have been pulled by our Carabao to the farm and converted by our group of Filipino Craftsmen to wonderful pieces of furniture.

Table Squarehead

This solid like a rock center table will convert your living room to a show case. It is so strong that you easily can lie down on it - if ever you would feel a need. Two different wood types give it its distinct design. Not visibile on the image are the round logs that support the table underneath

Eat all you can sit

Our medieval inspired dining set is a pleasure to look at. On top of that the chairs are comfortable and still provide some "air conditioning" through the gaps between the panels. The whole set is Mahogany, the statically important parts of the chairs are fastened with long wood screws. The table is larger than the average dining table and could be negotiated for 8 persons. It comes with 6 chairs... and a table :)


If you can't afford our "Eat all you can sit" set, why not start with a chair? You can always eat on your lap, right? :)

Daybed "Wake or not"

Most sofas in the Philippines are too short. They look like a sofa, but they are not really comfortable. In our opinion you should be able to get your feet comfortably up, or even sleep in a fully relaxed manner. Of course you could also call it a "bed", especially if you have limited space. It is intended to have more pillows, but they happened to be elsewhere during picture taking.

Shoe shelf "Shushe"

The shoe shelf of your dreams... I am just joking, this is just a shoe shelf, basta. Sturdy and spacious, that simple. If you want it including our inspiring designer shoes, you will have to add a fortune ;)

Mobile Prison

You might guess it already, this is intended for babies and not-yet jail breaking toddlers. This device can give you a lot of peace, if you need to work on something, where you want your small one not to interfere. The visibility from in there is good, so mommy and daddy will be under perfect surveillance. This might also work for your dog or other family members, we haven't tried it yet.


Insert Baby in the top, insert food in Baby. Baby happy. Parent too, because Baby doesn't move around a lot and can be watched. This high chair is perfectly leveled and color matched with our "Eat all you can sit" set. Unlike many commercial products the table is fastened to the chair, so you wont ever run into danger of squeezed small fingers... Commercial chairs are usually up to 15 kg. On ours you can sit yourself.

Thai Ball

Perfection on the surface and wild and massive round log legs below. The center table for smaller living rooms.

Bed "To look"

A sturdy bed to support your dreams without swaying. Comes with two free one night stands. Where else in the Philippines do you get such a good deal?

One night stand

Some call it a stool, others a stand or even a ladder. How you use it, is up to you. It is sturdy enough to serve you willingly. Beware, it is heavy as can be. The thing that looks like a hole, is a hole in fact. You can run a cable of a television through it, you can laugh at it, or you can ask us for a "one night stand" without a hole :)


These chairs have been designed in the Adirondack mountains of New York State. They are incredibly ergonomic, so even without any cushion, they feel so comfortable. At the same time they are as sturdy as can be. The huge armrests allow you to bring huge snacks and drinks or even a netbook or so. Optionally you can have a fitting footrest. While some of our furniture might need pre-order, we always have a couple of extra Adirondacks sitting around for immediate sale. Still you might give us some warning ahead, as we still might have to varnish them.

Price: P4000 or P5000 with foot-rest.


This is a classic country style kitchen. You supply us with your meassurements (well, actually those of your kitchen space) and we will hand craft a solid wood kitchen like displayed above. The window is not included :)


If you have travelled the Philippines you might have noticed the lack of hangers. Fight the lack of hangers and buy our Hangman! Buy one for each room, especially for the bathroom, which is most notorious for lacking hangers. Our stainless wood does never rust! The ultra-solid heavy foot keeps it from falling. If it still falls then don't put your suitcases there.

Light a Ning

Do you also belong to the people browsing through the hardware stores wondering, why even the ugliest lamps cost above 1000 Pesos? Just get our prettiest lamp instead!

Flower Power

This is a elongated close cousin of our "one night stand". You might find it a little harder to sit here, but as illustrated it can serve as an artwork itself.


Do you also have those designish non-90-degree-angles in your house? Why not put a custom made storage cabinet in such area? Storner stores in a (otherwise useless) corner.

Beer holder holder

This is our bar chair. It includes a small backrest, so you can sit there forever - just don't fall asleep. We also use it a lot for changing bulbs, cleaning the ceiling and such. It is like a camouflaged ladder, too.