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Drosera burmannii

Here you can explore the plants we are cultivating in our nursery for you. All of the plants available for sale have been propagated by us or our import nurseries. We do this time & labor intensive plant selling method to protect their natural habitats. Some plants originate in the Philippines, but also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, South Africa and many other countries. Even our Philippine breeding stock has been imported with CITES, phytosanitary and DA permits from tissue culture laboratories abroad. We hope our work ensures that forthcoming generations still have a chance to admire these fascinating miracles in nature. That we can keep them alive, even after the last bit of forest has vanished because of agricultural or commercial use. Don't support natural destruction by buying poached plants, offered by some "nurseries", which want fast profit with little work involved and thus don't care about their endangered status.
The other advantage of our plants is that they are expertly grown, well established (often for years!) and rooted.

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Drosera binata

Now shipping WEEKLY. Which means you need to get your payments in by Monday 5 pm and you will receive the plants on Wednesday or sometimes Thursday. If the week has holidays, those dates might be adjusted.

Year round Christmas PROMO: P5000 for 1 free plant, P6000 for 2 free plants etc. Free plants YOUR choice of the following: S. Scarlet Belle, N. Gentle, N. Rebecca, N. Ventrata, Cuphea (2pcs), N. ventricosa x ?, U. warburgii (2pcs), Dr. spathulata (2pcs), Dr. indica (2pcs), Dr. intermedia (2 pcs), Dr. burmannii (2 pcs) - all with free shipping

Apr 7: Good News: The Pitcher Plant Farm got a special status upgrade and is now closely tied with DENR. After our summer break we will ship with DENR permits, so despite other rumors even for Nepenthes you can legally buy and own them, as long as you got them from us (just keep the permit). Not so good news: The permit fee is now P100 per shipment, therefore we increased shipping to P400 and free shipping for orders P4000+.

Apr 4: We are on summer break! You are welcome to place your orders, but we won't ship before early June. Aside from your order confirmation, you will get an update once we are ready to ship. Even during the break we will be online most of the time.

Feb 6: Now available: Pinguicula agnata

Jan 22: Dr. affinis now available! Dr. capensis and adelae with lowered prices

Jan 15: Prices of D. burmannii lowered, new Drosera species added (not for sale yet).

Jan 1: Happy new year! Operations back to normal, no more holiday delays :)

Ordering / Payment

Nepenthes mirabilis var. echinostoma

You can browse our plants and you will find indicated, which plants are available. Just add the ones you are interested in the shopping cart by clicking on the yellow shopping cart icons and click on the pink shopping cart 'check out' and follow on screen instructions when done.
Please note that the images displayed on this website are often of older or even fully mature plants, as young plants usually don't show all features and beauty of the clone yet. Nepenthes-diameter (leaf tip to leaf tip of the two largest leafs) sizes are as follows:

S = between 5cm and 8cm
M = between 8cm and 15cm
L = between 15cm and 30cm
XL = larger than 30cm

The shopping cart is not aware about the quantities of the plants, just indicate how many you are interested in and we will check, if we can supply that many.

Payment can be done by cash deposit on our Malaybalay BPI account (free of charge if deposited at any other BPI Outlet nationwide). You don't need to have an BPI account to pay, you can just pay in cash to the teller. Once we will see the payment online, we are ready to ship on the next scheduled shipping date. Please give us a short notice once you have paid. This is very important, please don't forget and do it quickly.

We are also accepting credit card payments through www.paypal.com . Please note however that you will be charged 4.4% of your order value plus P15 for the credit card processing, while BPI cash payment has no fees attached.


Sarracenia leucophylla

Our plants are sold only in the Philippines but all over the nation! Our plants can be bought online through this website only.

We are shipping the plants by LBC. SHIPPING IS FREE for orders P4000 and above, otherwise Php 400, uninsured and it takes usually only around 24 hours to Manila, Cebu and many other places in the Philippines. Payment deadline is every Monday afternoon (if there are no holidays around), with plant arrival on Wednesday, sometimes Thursday.

Our plants are usually packed in recycled materials to protect the environment and to avoid additional expenses for both parties. While we take utmost care in packing and shipping the plants, we can not guarantee safe arrival, as there are too many factors along the way that are beyond our control. The plants are shipped bare-root, please make sure you have pots and soil ready and moist upon arrival. Please understand that for logistical reasons we can't take pictures of the specific plants you are going to order.
More questions? Please check our FAQ!
*You are welcome to use the images, as long the pitcher-plants.com watermark stays in place and remains readable. If you are using them, you must host the images yourself, since our traffic bandwidth is limited.